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  • Is it possible to see God? If so, then how?
    8738 Traditional 2010/04/08
    According to both Islamic sources and the intellect, God cannot be seen by the physical eye neither in this life nor in the next. However He can be seen through the eyes of the heart. Up to each given individual’s capacity, after purifying their souls, and engaging in prayers and ...
  • Who are the infallibles (ma’sum)?
    7039 Traditional 2008/08/23
    Infallibility is a spiritual power and inner virtue that restrains one from even imagining and thinking of sinning, let alone committing sin and in Islamic terms, means for one to be protected from sin, mistake and forgetfulness.Infallibility can be divided into ...
  • In which sermon (khutaba) does Imam Ali (a.s.) elaborate on how those who had preceded him as Caliphs reached the caliphate?
    7486 Contextual study 2012/12/23
    Ali, the Commander of the Faithful, speaks about the three caliphs’ accession to caliphate in the third sermon of Nahjul Balaghah. This sermon is named Shiqshiqiyyah which is derived from a word at the end of the sermon. Khutbah ash-Shiqshiqiyyah is by Ali so named because when ...
  • Why did our imams practice polygamy?
    8243 Traditional 2008/08/18
    There are many reasons behind marriage; spiritual calmness and tranquility, fulfillment of reproductive needs and desires, having a partner in life and the continuation of generations. Giving shelter and asylum to women without an abode, protecting society from corruption, and the conditions of the ...
  • Is Arabic Allah's chosen language?
    23324 Quranic Studies 2010/09/06
    Some of the Ahadith confirm Arabic being the Godly chosen language and regardless of the authenticity of these Ahadith we can consider its special features and ability to convey meanings and concepts as proof for such a matter. ...
  • What is the best name one can pick for their child?
    7870 Contextual study 2011/04/21
    Names portray the owner of the name and whenever a name is said, the owner immediately comes to mind, therefore it is important to choose suitable and good names. It has been mentioned in ahadith that the best and most suitable name is one that denotes obedience; the ...
  • What is the Mus’haf of Fatimah? Did the prophet and his household know about this book?
    9991 Traditional 2011/04/20
    The Mus’haf of Fatimah is the name of a book that was written by Imam Ali during Lady Fatimah's lifetime. The content of this book was communicated to Lady Fatimah through the special angel Gabriel. This book consists of future prophecies, the secrets of the Prophet's household and ...
  • Can the soul, after death, become aware of the things that happen in this world?
    31049 Traditional 2009/11/24
    It has been narrarated from the Holy Infallibles (Masumeen) that after death, the soul can in fact come back to this world and have awareness of the events that unfold here and learn of their relatives and close ones. The angels can also act as ...
  • Where and when did mourning for Imam Hussein (A.S.) start first?
    10358 The infallibles 2012/04/30
    The Holy Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him and his family, wept on the martyrdom of Hamza and Ja’far and also encouraged others to weep. The great Shia Imams, peace be upon them, have encouraged us to keep the memory of the event of Karbala alive ...
  • Is it permissible to contract temporary marriage with a female who is not having her husband with her as he has been living abroad for about 5 years?
    6526 The infallibles 2012/09/29
    Office of Grand Ayatollah Khamenei (may Allah grant him long life): Insofar as a woman is married to her husband – as in the given example – it is not permissible to marry her. In fact, if a woman has some differences with her husband ...