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مصالح و مفاسد در احکام دین

Random questions

  • What is the correct explanation of ‘burhan al-siddiqin’ (proof of the veracious)?
    8318 برهان صدیقین 2013/03/05
    The common point among various explanations and accounts presented by different scholars regarding the proof the veracious is that all those who have presented their arguments have, somehow, endeavored to demonstrate the existence of the Necessary Being by means of the reality of existence. As for the ...
  • Are we allowed to offer Tarawih prayer under Taqiyya?
    4493 Laws and Jurisprudence 2017/01/25
    According to the Holy Quran, ahadith and Shia and Sunni, Taqiyyah is rational and one of the ways by which we can keep our religion safe. The Holy Quran has approved Ammar Yaser’ taqiyya that he used it against unbelievers. The Quran also cited the Taqiyyah of ...
  • What is the relationship between wilayah and marja’iyyah?
    6516 ولایت فقیه و مرجعیت 2011/12/20
    In Shia thought, marja’iyyah is comprised of two responsibilities; the issuance of legal verdicts, and wilayah (i.e., leadership and authority). Throughout history, the grand marja’s have both explained and preached the general divine laws of Islam, and in particular social issues, have taken up the role of leading ...
  • Please provide us with a short biography of Prophet Jesus (as).
    1637 تاريخ بزرگان 2021/03/30
  • What is Imam Ali’s (a) viewpoint on the intellect of women versus that of men?
    15305 Contextual study 2010/08/17
    Imam Ali (a) has never said that men are higher and more superior than women in terms of intellect and emotions. What has been attributed to Imam Ali (a) in the Nahjul Balagha, if it is authentic in its narration, relates to a very specific ...
  • Is it permissible to give Khums and Sahme Sadaat to poor and indigent Seyyeds without the permission of the Mujtahid?
    10555 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/10/29
    Khums" literally means "one-fifth. In Islamic legal terminology, it means "one-fifth of certain items which a person acquires as wealth by means of farming, trade, industry or by means of working in an office or government department and if his earning exceeds the annual expenses for ...
  • How can we get to know God and rely on and truly love him?
    6564 Traditional 2010/08/14
    The term “God” is one of the most general and simplest concepts that everyone, even atheists that deny His existence, definitely have some kind of perception of, although comprehending the true nature of his essence is out of our reach. The ways to knowing ...
  • Do we have more than one “nafsul-amr” religion?
    5985 Philosophy of Religion 2008/10/12
    Both what our minds and intellects and what the Quran and hadiths say are good proof that all humans are common in the “gem of humanity” that they possess (meaning that they have the potential of reaching high stages of nearness to God and perfection). Therefore, the “nafsul-amr” ...
  • What is the relationship between the soul and body?
    18233 Islamic Philosophy 2009/12/28
    Regarding the link and relationship between the soul and body, one must say that the body is one of the several degrees of the soul and spirit, resulting in the body being located in the soul and spirit, not the spirit and soul being trapped in the body, ...