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روش ریاضی دکارت و قطعیت

Random questions

  • Is it haram to eat crab meat?
    18031 Laws and Jurisprudence 2007/02/26
    In the interpretations of the criterion for the lawfulness of [eating] seafood, legal scholars have said; that which can be derived from hadiths is that the meat of sea creatures should not be eaten, meaning it is unlawful[1] except for the ...
  • Are the homeopathic remedies halal?
    8827 گوناگون 2013/11/23
    If homeopathic remedies do not involve using impure or haram things or any illegal method of cure and they do not cause any damage to the patient's health, there would be no problem in it. Index: The same question has been forwarded to the offices of some ...
  • Is man Khalifatullah or Khalifatul-Rabb?
    11338 Exegesis 2009/12/28
    Since in verse 31 of surah Baqarah, the Quran tells us that the reason why man was chosen to be Allah’s (swt) vicegerent was his knowledge of ‘the divine names’ and goes on to say: “علّم آدم الاسماء کلها”, and the name that encompasses all ...
  • Why doesn’t Allah (swt) guide the fasiqs (wrongdoers/transgressors)?
    12770 Traditional 2008/11/23
    Guidance can be divided into the following types:1- Existential (takwini) guidance (guidance that has to do with man’s creation), which is the nature embedded in all humans by Allah (swt), causing them to have the tendency to follow tawhid and believe in one God and in other words, ...
  • Is it right to limit women?
    5627 Practical 2009/10/22
    The spiritual and moral health of a society depends on that of its individuals; men and women, and the spiritual health of individuals is only reachable through training and raising them correctly.  Islam has provided its followers with many instructions and guidelines regarding raising children (the first stage ...
  • Why has the position of imamate been transferred from generation to generation, from father to son in our religion?
    7007 Traditional 2010/09/22
    The position of imamate is bestowed only upon those who posses [specific] conditions, such as infallibility, abundant knowledge, etc., and no one except God has knowledge and awareness of these conditions and who truly possesses them.  Thus, even before the creation ...
  • Do different situations have any effect on the nafsul-amr religion?
    5925 Philosophy of Religion 2008/10/12
    The nafsul-amr religion has only one way of life for all individuals in every place and time and contains no changing elements. ...
  • What is the ruling on forming lines in congregational, when a third person joins in?
    7183 Laws and Jurisprudence 2007/02/10
    In reference to the incident which you experienced, we must first look at the principals of forming lines in congregational prayer from a fiqhi point of view:The person following in ...
  • When did the epithet of "Ummul Momineen" come into being?
    11005 Exegesis 2011/02/08
    The title "Mother of the Believers" (Ummul Momineen) was first used in the time of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) following the revelation of the sixth verse of Chapter al-Ahzab concerning the Prophet's wives and their relation to the believers. According to the verse, the Prophet's wives are the ...